About The Show

Interior designer Alison Victoria combines upscale design with a passion for her hometown as she, and her partner Donovan Eckhardt, buy and restore old homes in Chicago.


Episode 1

Take Two: 10 Years Later

Ten years after Alison designed their kitchen, her friends are back to work on her entire house. But they quickly run into contractor and budget problems.

Episode 2

Trust The Process

Alison helps a client whose subcontractor made a mistake that costs him thousands. Now, Alison must design on an even tighter budget and rebuild his trust.

Episode 3

The Cost Of Compromise

Alison's best friend and her fiance are battling over budget. She must find a way to make both sides agree without compromising the design.

Episode 4

A Tale Of Two Houses

Alison has her hands full with two 100-year-old projects. She's also faced with a tough decision when one project takes a turn that could cost her business.

Episode 5

Villa Victoria

Alison takes on a full renovation of her own Spanish-style villa. But ger stress soars when she tries to find the time to stay in Vegas to get the job...

Episode 6

An Expensive Exit

Alison is given four months to design the top floors of a city condo, but things get complicated when the city code requires a second exit.

Episode 7

Treasures And Tchotchkes

Alison expands a family's historical home. It's a dream job until the homeowners get an eviction notice from their short-term rental.

Episode 8

Building On Borrowed Time

A client's project seems ideal - a converted home with high-end finishes. But the pressure is on when a one-year deadline is set to get the job done.

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