About The Show

A skilled team of carpenters and metal workers use their expertise and imagination to transform dusty family heirlooms and forgotten treasures into amazing items.


Episode 1

Measure Twice, Cut Once

Textile designer Emily has one chance to transform some precious baby clothes. Plus, woodworker Radha tackles the remake of a 1960s guitar.

Episode 2

The Maker's Mark

Woodworker Radha is focused on every detail as he transforms a 100-year-old dressing table and family heirloom that connects its owner to her late mum.

Episode 3

Fluid Lines

Metalsmith Leigh forges steel to create an ambitious water sculpture from Victorian clocks. John transforms a sideboard and reveals its century-old secrets.

Episode 4

The Very First Piece

A table loved by its owner and hated by his partner gives Radha a woodworking challenge. Plus, seamstress Velvet grapples with a six-foot alien.

Episode 5

A Stitch In Time

An intriguing tapestry that might be a century old proves tricky for textile designer Emily. Leatherworker Jason faces a challenge with an unused jacket.

Episode 6

Every Tiny Bit of Timber

Woodworker Daisy turns a family table into six identical items. Steel specialist John feels the weight of history as he transforms a traditional game.

Episode 7

A Nice Tight Joint

Daisy's woodwork must be perfect to transform an item full of family history. Metalsmith Leigh has an idea for an encore for an old theatre spotlight.

Episode 8

Toy Special: A Common Thread

Leigh turns a toy train into an item that reflects its owner's love of rugby and frogs. Plus, a 63-year-old teddy bear gets a new life.

Episode 9

The Test Of Time

Leigh reimagines an old love seat as a spectacular sculpture that celebrates the owners' love for their garden. Daisy tackles a chair she made as a student.

Episode 10

The Right Angles

Woodworker Daisy reimagines an old dolls' house originally made from recycled materials. John and Jason transform a saddle that belonged to a lifelong companion.

Episode 11

Every Little Detail

Motorcycle expert Titch takes on an old engine packed with sentimental value. An early 20th-century trunk proves a tricky remake for designer Emily.

Episode 12

Straight And True

Titch has his work cut out as he redesigns a sentimental guitar body and piano. John uses his skills in wood and steel to turn a sun lounger into toddler...

Episode 13

Form And Function

Titch transforms a titanium tibia, once part of its owner's leg. Woodworker Radha redesigns a trunk that transported a family's belongings from Italy in the 1950s.

Episode 14

A Steady Hand

Woodworker Daisy discovers an old Welsh dresser's secret as she transforms it. Meanwhile, seamstress Velvet is in her element with colourful sari material.

Episode 15

First Things First

A wooden chest proves trickier than it looks when Daisy discovers woodworm. Amanda Lamb asks the re-makers to reimagine her husband's old model ship.

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