About The Show

Designing duo Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent help moving families get a fresh start. They help them let go of what they no longer need before renovating the property.


Episode 1

Home Is Where Art Is

Nate and Jeremiah help an artistic family of six make room to comfortably grow up in their beloved home. The refurb includes a basement art space.

Episode 2

Keep it in the Family

Nate and Jeremiah help a young couple let go of the past and transform his grandparents' 1950s home into a modern space of their own.

Episode 3

Next Chapter

Nate and Jeremiah help a couple begin their next chapter together as they update their first home with a rich and colourful design palette.

Episode 4

Family Comes First

Nate and Jeremiah help a couple preparing for an adoption as they renovate their new home to accommodate their growing family.

Episode 5

Live With What You Love

A couple buy their first home with dreams of filling it with a family. Nate and Jeremiah give it a modern makeover with a family-friendly vibe throughout.

Episode 6

Fresh Start

A couple desperately want to renovate their family home. Nate and Jeremiah help them part ways with old belongings and create a design that works for the entire family.

Episode 7

Story of Sacrifice

A couple who saved for 15 years are ready to start their home renovation. Nate and Jeremiah help transform their home into the space they've always dreamed of.

Episode 8

Bring Them Home

After facing major hardships, a couple want a new start with their family. Nate and Jeremiah help them move on from the past and bring them back to a beautiful...

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