About The Show

Newlyweds Tarek and Heather El Moussa are entering their first year of bliss, where they’ll be tackling a house move, renovation and trying to get pregnant.


Episode 1

Our First Flip

Tarek and Heather begin their journey as a flipping power couple as they take on a canyon home with panoramic views. Also, they share that they're expecting a baby!

Episode 2

The Flipping Delays

Tarek and Heather take on a challenge with a spacious Spanish-style home. They encounter a lot of surprises, including costly delays.

Episode 3

Five Flipping Bears

It's a full circle moment for Heather as the duo head to her hometown to do a flip in Big Bear, California. Some bold designs push Tarek out of his...

Episode 4

There's A New Flipper In Town

Armed with everything she's learned from Tarek, Heather embarks on her first solo flip, and she finds that flipping isn't so easy on her own.

Episode 5

Rocky Horror Reno

Tarek and Heather head to Tarek's hometown of Buena Park, California. Tarek looks to turn a sketchy property into a modern family home.

Episode 6

Family Style Flip

Tarek and Heather update a cute cottage in Cheviot Hills, California. But there's another flipper a few doors down that could create some fierce competition!

Episode 8

Market Slows, Inventory Woes

Tarek and Heather take on a groovy 1960s flip in Southern California where mid-century modern architecture takes the forefront.

Episode 10

Last Flip Before Baby

The countdown is on for Tarek and Heather as their next flip may not be finished before the baby is due! Plus, unexpected changes drive up the stress.

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