Episode 1

Magic Lantern

Blacksmith Nev and stained-glass maker Gordon revamp a damaged gothic lantern. Ted works on a rusty pedal plane, while Alex repurposes a huge table.

Episode 2

Back Of The Net / Game On

French polisher Alex tackles a foosball table that's badly weathered. Martin works on a stagecoach trunk, while Craig revamps a Scandinavian chair.

Episode 3

Like Clockwork

French polisher Alex is tasked with restoring a huge clock. Ruth revamps a pair of golden candlesticks, and Cliff works on a century-old vessel.

Episode 4

Mixed Signals

Metal worker Ted is challenged to repurpose a rusty railway signal light. Alex restores a headless carousel animal, while Craig fixes up a lounge chair.

Episode 5

From Paris With Love

Metal worker Ted revamps a 19th century Parisian streetlight. Plus, taxidermist Chris restores a tope shark and puts it in a beautiful display case.

Episode 6

Operation Birdsong

Paint restorer Gill uses an old vinyl to rescue a 120-year-old Chinese writing table. And, sparks fly as sculpture Nick works on an iconic garden chair.

Episode 7

The Terrible Twins

Upholsterer Craig is apprehensive about repairing an extremely rare leather sofa. And, pinball expert Mark gets a surprise while fixing a classic machine.

Episode 8

That, My Son, Is Lead

Drew asks blacksmith Nev to revamp a 19th century weathervane. Craig restores a battered Barcelona chair, while Alex works on a kitchen dresser.

Episode 9

Wartime Beast

French polisher Alex is excited to work on a 100-year-old table. And, paper conservator Ashleigh has to take safety precautions to work on a mouldy poster.

Episode 10

The Amazing Contour Chair

Upholsterer Craig and blacksmith Nev transform a bulky lounge chair into something more artistic. Leather worker Martin rescues an Asprey picnic set.

Episode 11

Eton Mess

Drew asks Michael and Maria to revamp a ventriloquist doll that's over 100 years old. Lighting expert Jolene is tasked with reviving a dusty chandelier.

Episode 12

Over The Moon

Sculptor Nick works on a fairground centrepiece. French polisher Alex transforms a mill trolley, and upholsterer Craig revamps a battered armchair.

Episode 13

Settle Down

French polisher Alex is challenged to rescue a settle bed. James restores a Ms. Pac-Man arcade machine, while Ted works on two weathered chairs.

Episode 14

Pedigree Pooches

Sculptor Nick is tasked with transforming a pair of headless garden ornaments. And, Drew asks leather restorer Martin to revamp an Avro Anson chair.

Episode 15

From Songs To Sonnets

Lighting expert Jolene is challenged to restore an unusual Empire chandelier. James works on a Seeburg jukebox, and Ann-Marie is handed a damaged book.

Episode 16

A Licence To Restore

Paper conservator Ashleigh is tasked with restoring a 1967 James Bond movie poster. And, Drew asks metal worker Ted to revamp a peculiar hardwood globe.

Episode 17

A Porridge Eating Monkey

Drew asks Michael and Maria to repair a rare automaton from Scotland. Plus, upholsterer Ray is challenged to rescue an Edwardian slipper chair.

Episode 18

Human Anatomy

Sculptor Nick revives an antique anatomy model in need of urgent medical attention. Alex turns a scientific specimen cabinet into a pair of attractive cupboards.

Episode 19

Unmade Bed

French polisher Alex tries to piece a grand Tudor style four poster bed back together. And, Drew asks sculptor Nick to rescue a pair of decorative corbels.

Episode 20

Basketball Champ

Arcade game expert Dr Pinball restores a rare 1940s American basketball game. And, artist Nick replasters and repaints a vintage life-size model bull.

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