About The Show

Designer Veronica Valencia and her expert team perform stunning renovations inspired by the unique stories of homeowners’ family history and heritage.


Episode 1

Family Values

Newlyweds look to turn their ranch-style home into a gathering place for their diverse families. Veronica pulls inspiration from Guam, Thailand and Scandinavia.

Episode 2

New Beginnings

A couple wants to renovate their home into something more stylish that also represents their culture. Veronica is inspired by their love story and Indian roots.

Episode 3

Friends And Family

Veronica's best friends want to make their place into a forever home where they can entertain their families and celebrate their legacies.

Episode 4

Home Is Where The Laugh Lives

A couple wants to make their home a place where they can host dinner parties for their friends. Veronica researches their heritage for inspiration.

Episode 5

100-Year-Old Dream Home

Veronica pulls inspiration from a couple's Jewish heritage to create a home where their kids can grow and celebrate family traditions.

Episode 6

Telling Our Story

A couple wants to turn their home into something that represents their culture and ancestry. Veronica finds inspiration in their African roots and family history.

Episode 7

One With Nature

A couple feels their home lacks functionality and doesn't reflect who they are. Veronica finds inspiration in nature and the family's love of travelling and music.

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