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18th July


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Siblings Leanne and Steve Ford renovate older homes in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Designer Leanne and Steve collaborate to create modern masterpieces.


Episode 3

Victorian Gets Street Style

Steve and Leanne renovate part of an old Victorian row house to make it more modern and peaceful. A simple, elegant design brightens the whole space.

Episode 4

First Floor Blowout

The Fords update the first floor of a regal Victorian house from 1885. Their design aims to please young owners that have old souls and a historic house.

Episode 5

The Oasis, Part Two

Returning clients ask Steve and Leanne to work on the rest of the rooms in their midcentury modern home. The siblings design bedrooms, bathrooms and indoor pool.

Episode 6

House With A Circle Ceiling

The Fords are restoring a midcentury modern Pittsburgh home for a pair of music lovers. They use open space concepts and custom furniture pieces.

Episode 1

Midcentury Meets 21st Century

Siblings Leanne and Steve Ford take on a dated home in Pittsburgh. They try to preserve its character while turning it into a modern living space.

Episode 2

Midcentury Mess Makeover

In Pittsburgh, Leanne and Steve Ford target a dark home that has been empty for over a decade. They transform it into a brighter and lighter oasis.

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