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18th July


About The Show

David Bromstad helps lucky Americans buy their dream properties. The families, couples and individuals have won big in the lottery or on scratch cards.


Episode 1

Ain't Nothin' But A Corn Dog

A Bosnian couple living the American dream get lucky with a $100,000 win! Now, David helps them upgrade to a larger family home in Grimes, Iowa.

Episode 2

Second Chances, In Bangor

David helps find a spacious home for a growing family who won $250,000 on an original losing ticket in Bangor, Maine.

Episode 3

Lisa's Little Luxuries

A family can finally buy their first home after a $4 million win! David finds them a property with all the little luxuries in Nashua, New Hampshire.

Episode 4

Winter Wonderland

David helps a $1 million jackpot winner search for a wintery mountain getaway on Moosehead Lake in Greenville, Maine.

Episode 5

Carolina Beach Legacy House

A couple invests an inheritance in a beach house for the entire family. David helps them find something quirky in Carolina Beach, North Carolina.

Episode 6

First-Time Millionaires!

A young couple want a first home they can renovate. David arrives with plenty of reno ideas and helps explore their options in Rochester, New York.

Episode 7

My Big Island Dream Home

After receiving an inheritance, a couple looks to find their dream home in Hawaii! David makes a trip to the Big Island to help them find the perfect place.

Episode 8

A Snowbirder's Florida Haven

Thanks to a family inheritance, a couple is ready to relax in Central Florida. David helps them choose a golf course view or a relaxing rural outlook.

Episode 9

Lake Cumberland Dreaming

David helps a Cincinnati couple who won $5 million on a scratcher find the lake house of their dreams on Lake Cumberland, Kentucky.

Episode 10

Texas Tranquility

David helps a woman who received an unexpected inheritance search for a home that's no more than 10 minutes away from her family in Houston, Texas.

Episode 11

Pennies From Heaven

After a terrible tragedy, David is honoured to help a couple, who won $10 million, search for beautiful properties in Jacksonville, North Carolina.

Episode 12

Luck Comes In Pairs

David meets a couple who hit the jackpot not once, but twice! He helps them find a forever home where their lucky family can relax in Richmond, Virginia.

Episode 13

The Wizard Of Cape Coral

Since David's last trip to Cape Coral, Hurricane Ian left a path of destruction and limited housing. Now, David attempts to find a couple their dream home.

Episode 14

Anything You Want In Vermont

After receiving a family inheritance, ex-Long Island residents now want a property in Vermont. David searches for character-filled homes full of charm.

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