About The Show

The story of people willing to put relationships, savings and sometimes even their sanity at risk to restore derelict homes in France and Spain.


Episode 1

Ben And Andrea

Scarlette Douglas meets Bristol couple Ben and Andrea as they set out to transform a derelict 19th-century Spanish farmhouse into a dream home and cycle retreat.

Episode 2

Mark And Lorraine

Scarlette Douglas meets Newcastle couple Mark and Lorraine as they set out to transform an abandoned Majorcan townhouse into a dream home with a mountain view.

Episode 3

Chris And Steph

Scarlette Douglas meets East Sussex couple Chris and Steph as they transform a 400-year-old derelict farmhouse in south-west France into a relaxing holiday home.

Episode 4

Debbie And Steve

Scarlette Douglas meets Birmingham couple Debbie and Steve as they take a huge leap of faith to salvage a neglected presbytery in Normandy on a very tight budget.

Episode 5

Terry And Ashley

Scarlette Douglas meets Middlesborough couple Terry and Ashley as they restore their dream home, a chateau that once belonged to a wealthy Parisian carpet dealer.

Episode 6

Paula And Spence

Scarlette Douglas meets Welsh couple Paula and Spence as they convert an abandoned Spanish cave into a dream holiday home in Galera.

Episode 7

Cath And Dale

Scarlette Douglas meets East Sussex couple Catherine and Dale as they rescue a derelict religious chapel and hermitage in Catalonia to create a dream family home.

Episode 8

Mark And Barbara

Scarlette Douglas meets Norfolk couple Mark and Barbara as they renovate a dilapidated 28-room manor house in central France to create a home and B&B business.

Episode 9

Ian And Clare

Scarlette Douglas meets Hereford couple Clare and Ian as they renovate a 500-year-old farmhouse in France to create a relaxing holiday home.

Episode 10

Jennifer And Geoff

Scarlette Douglas meets Essex couple Jennifer and Geoff as they renovate two abandoned apartments in Almeria, Spain, with little DIY experience.

Episode 11

Martin And Susan

Scarlette Douglas meets Woking couple Martin and Susan as they set out to transform an abandoned watermill in the Dordogne in France into their dream home.

Episode 12

Katy And Will

Scarlette Douglas meets Birmingham couple Katy and Will as they tackle a big renovation on a small budget, rescuing a derelict manor house in southern France.

Episode 13

Alex And Dom

Scarlette Douglas meets newly engaged Londoners Alex and Dom as they start a renovation project on a crumbling coach house in the south of France.

Episode 14

Jonathan And Kerry

Scarlette Douglas meets Kent couple Jonathan and Kerry as they convert a 300-year-old barn in the French countryside to create a home and gîtes business.

Episode 15

Debbie And Howard

Scarlette Douglas meets West Sussex couple Debbie and Howard as they set out to rescue a derelict farmhouse in Normandy to create a dream home.

Episode 16

Toni And Russell

Scarlette Douglas meets Birmingham couple Toni and Russell as they rebuild an abandoned bungalow in Majorca to create their dream home.

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