Episode 1

Here We Go Again

Lindsey and her family begin renovation on the Springs Motel in New Ashford, Massachusetts. They transform one of the outdated cabins into a winter chalet.

Episode 2

Lobbying For A Good Time

Lindsey Kurowski renovates the motel lobby and tackles its tricky layout. Later, Lindsey's family welcomes their grandmother, Nonni, to the motel.

Episode 3

The Beer Garden

Lindsey transforms the motel carport into a relaxing beer garden. Her siblings search for a vintage trailer to renovate into a modern bar for the outdoor space.

Episode 4

The Pool

Lindsey transforms the outdated pool into a beautiful oasis. To celebrate its opening, they host a talent show, complete with synchronised swimming and hot dog launchers.

Episode 5

The Extended Stay

Lindsey and her family renovate an old cabin into a pet-friendly extended stay for her guests. Later, the family go apple picking and compete in a friendly game.

Episode 6

Lindsey Levels Up

Lindsey transforms her personal cabin into a summer chalet with the help of her siblings. Later, the family go antique hunting to decorate the new space.

Episode 7


Lindsey transforms two small motel rooms into a romantic honeymoon suite. She also furnishes the rest of the rooms of the motel with towels, sheets, and soaps.

Episode 8

All Good Things

Lindsey and her family transform the exterior of the motel into a beautiful garden space. They head to a local pumpkin farm together before throwing a goodbye party.

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