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For families moving entirely off-grid, the learning curve is steep. To save their homesteads, they call in survival experts to prepare them for the worst.


Episode 1

Roadhouse Rally

The Raneys rally at Rika's Roadhouse, a legendary homestead established by one of Alaska's toughest pioneers. While there they reflect on past rescues.

Episode 1

Black Hills Hope

The Raneys struggle to revive an inherited Wyoming homestead with a tragic legacy. To bring water to the property, Marty must solve the mystery of an untapped well.

Episode 2

By A Landslide

The Raneys meet their match on a homestead in Idaho, where millennial off-gridders are plagued with dead soil, grizzly bear visits and constant landslides.

Episode 3

Subarctic S.O.S.

The Raneys answer an urgent call from central Alaska, where they find a family with all the infrastructure but minimal skills to realize their dream.

Episode 4

Rubble With A Cause

The Raneys arrive at a Washington State homestead and find the cabin recently collapsed. With winter only weeks away the race is on to repair the damage.

Episode 5

Bus, Sweat And Tears

Bus-dwelling Virginia homesteaders struggle in the wilderness. The Raneys urgently help a couple who sent their son away until the homestead can thrive.

Episode 6

Kentucky Calamity

A Kentucky homestead built in a ghost town drowns in floods. The Raneys revive the original barn, devise a livestock escape pod and create a floating greenhouse.

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