Episode 1


Jamila helps a family renovate their backyard into a beautiful, functioning garden with a chicken coop and banana plants that remind the homeowner of her homeland.

Episode 2


Jamila transforms a family's underutilised backyard into an English garden with space for outdoor dining and a fire pit by using goats to clear their land.

Episode 3


Jamila Norman tackles a bamboo invasion in a young couple's backyard. Then, she builds a two-level garden with raised beds and a vertical growing space.

Episode 4


Jamila helps a family repurpose their empty backyard into a sustainable garden complete with a solarium for growing pineapple plants and citrus trees.

Episode 5


Jamila teaches a family how to grow on their sloped yard by building a terraced garden. Then, she transforms their overgrown space into a tropical oasis.

Episode 6


Jamila Norman helps a multi-generational family transform their shady backyard into a garden featuring a hot house where they can start plants from seed.

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