About The Show

Ben and Erin Napier help new people moving to their small town of Laurel, Mississippi, to find a house and revitalise and renovate it into their dream home.


Episode 1

The Heart Of Laurel

Ben and Erin tackle one of their biggest ever projects. They rally the entire community to help a family whose house was destroyed by a tornado.

Episode 2

Wood, Brick And Clay

A young designer in love with mid-century design looks to buy her first home. Ben and Erin present two options that will satisfy her love of natural elements.

Episode 3

New-Stalgic Restoration

Three siblings want a place large enough to accommodate all their families. Ben and Erin present them with a historic Victorian and a country cabin.

Episode 4

The Maui Of Mississippi

A couple who has lived on islands their entire lives are ready to downsize in Laurel. and Erin show them renovation options for two cosy homes.

Episode 5

The Clock Starts Now

A couple looking for a fresh start want to move into a new place before Christmas. Ben and Erin have just five weeks to complete their dream home.

Episode 6


Restoration enthusiasts want to raise their two kids in a historic home in Laurel, and they know they'll need to settle on a fixer-upper.

Episode 7

From Show Goats To Show Stopper

A couple who are Laurel business owners recently purchased a historic building downtown, and they want to convert the upper level into a residence.

Episode 8

Chasing Waterfalls

Ben and Erin show two large houses to a civil engineer who's moving to Laurel to be closer to his dad, both with enough room for an outdoor hot tub.

Episode 9

Rustic Renovation

A couple wants to move back to Laurel. Ben and Erin show them a rancher that fits their love of modern rustic design and a home with an enticing in-ground...

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