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24th July


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Renovation experts Ben and Erin Napier are joined by celebrity guests as they work to revitalise and majorly transform the town of Wetumpka, Alabama.


Episode 1

First Hammer Swing

Ben and Erin revitalise a small town by turning a foster couple's home into a welcoming space for kids. A special guest surprises Wetumpka with a performance.

Episode 2

The Mayor is Also the Barber

Ben and Erin restore an iconic house that was once featured in a Tim Burton film. And, Wendall Holland joins them to revamp a local barbershop.

Episode 2

Blooming On The Coosa

Ben and Erin help heal a part of Wetumpka that was damaged in a tornado. Plus, Jasmine Roth and Ty Pennington pitch in to restore a 130-year-old landmark.

Episode 3

Longest Bar in Alabama

Ben and Erin are ready to serve Wetumpka's sole female police officer and youth advocate with the surprise renovation of her dreams.

Episode 4

Say Yes to Wetumpka

Ben and Erin honour Wetumpka's first female mayor by rejuvenating the event space. Plus, Mina Starsiak Hawk helps renovate the home of two local heroes.

Episode 5

A Spark Can Go A Long Way

Ben and Erin add function to a Craftsman owned by two theatre enthusiasts. Steve Ford and Tamara Day help to give each storefront individual flair.

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