About The Show

California builder and designer Jasmine Roth transforms builder-basic houses into custom dream homes by giving them features that stand out from the crowd.


Episode 1

Is That My House?

Jasmine customises a basic builder house for a couple in Huntington Beach, California. She works on an open concept living area and a brand-new kitchen.

Episode 2

Keeping It In The Family

A couple can't picture having a baby in their claustrophobic home. With a budget of $90,000, Jasmine helps them make much needed changes.

Episode 3

From Woeful To Whimsical

A couple are unhappy with their hasty home renovations. Jasmine uses their $65,000 budget to design a new kitchen and add life to the front yard.

Episode 4

Love Letters

A family are frustrated with their home's closed-off and uncomfortable layout. Jasmine gives their house a major facelift, including a massive wraparound bench.

Episode 5

Welcome To Your Speakeasy

A young couple decided to buy a home instead of splashing out on a wedding. Jasmine Roth brings some character to their drab and outdated property.

Episode 6

Come Sit With Me

A couple have a budget of $150,000 to upgrade their outdated and dull home. Designer Jasmine Roth arrives to give their house a unique aesthetic.

Episode 7

Ohana Means Family

Jasmine helps a family-first couple who want to renovate their small and dated house. With a budget of $75,000, she adds space both inside and out.

Episode 8

Have A Big Heart, Stay Weird

A young couple and their two sons are feeling claustrophobic at home. Jasmine creates more space by making multi-purpose rooms and an open-plan layout.

Episode 9

Midcentury Modern Work Of Art

Jasmine customises an outdated and unwelcoming home by adding a honeycomb-tile patterned floor and wallpaper made from family mementos.

Episode 10

Goodbye My Pretty

Jasmine had a $100,000 budget to transform a growing family's house. They want a sophisticated, yet child-friendly space to suit the whole family.

Episode 11

A House That Feels Like A Home

Married flight attendants, who travel a lot, hate returning to their small home. With a budget of $65,000 they want Jasmine to reconfigure its layout.

Episode 12

California Cape Cod

A couple who want to host more parties need Jasmine's help to create a custom home office, inviting patio oasis and formal dining room with a $90,000 budget.

Episode 13

A Home With A History

A couple want Jasmine to restore the historical charm of their house, but they also want her to update the colours to create a bright and welcoming space.

Episode 14

Family Nap Zone

A couple want to simplify and modernise their family home. They have a substantial budget and Jasmine gets creative by adding personal touches to the house.

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