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31st July


About The Show

Ken and Anita Corsini run a family business, flipping houses in the Atlanta area. Their goal is to rehab old homes and revitalise neighbourhoods.


Episode 1

Duplex Or Don't Plex

Ken and Anita purchase a 100-year-old duplex with plans to transform it into a single-family home.

Episode 2

No Strike Outs In Mozley Park

Ken and Anita are left cleaning up a previous owner's mid-renovation mess in a Mozley Park house.

Episode 3

Not So Funhouse

Ken and Anita buy a tiny house in Atlanta. But, they'll have to get creative with the layout as there is no master bedroom. Will their budget stretch far enough?

Episode 4

Go Bigger Or Go Home

Ken and Anita are forced to make some costly decisions on a house in trendy East Lake Atlanta.

Episode 5

This Old Boarding House

Ken and Anita buy a spooky, nine-bedroom boarding house to turn into an edgy, contemporary home.

Episode 6

Making History

Ken and Anita purchase a 1700-square-foot brick ranch in College Park that also happens to be an historic landmark.

Episode 7

That '70s House

The Corsinis must make tough decisions while updating a '70s rancher into a modern-day farmhouse.

Episode 8

Trash Or Treasure

Ken and Anita get more than they bargained for on a house in Alpharetta, Georgia.

Episode 9

The Cabin In The Woods

Ken and Anita buy a tiny, mint green cabin in the quiet community of Pine Lake. They try to create cosy lakeside lodge on a very tight budget.

Episode 10

Smells Like Trouble

Ken and Anita buy a ranch near Gresham Park. They soon discover a leak under the house and face tough competition from other renovated properties in the area.

Episode 11

99 Problems

Ken and Anita spend a lot of money on a neglected home's curb appeal - leaving no room for surprises.

Episode 12

Manor Makeover

Ken and Anita take on a 7,000-square-foot home with seven bedrooms in Conyers, Georgia. But, the size and location of the project could be an issue.

Episode 13

Close To Home

Ken and Anita tear down and transform a run-down Craftsman in the heart of Woodstock, Georgia. They face pressure to do right by their neighbourhood.

Episode 14

Little House of Hoarders

Ken and Anita buy a two-bedroom, one-bathroom house that's been abandoned for 14 years. But, plans for a master suite fall into disarray.

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