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18th July


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Tarek and Christina buy homes at auction for cash – sometimes unseen – and then renovate and flip them for resale. Will they manage to make a profit?


Episode 1

Townhouse Flip

Tarek and Christina take on a huge project in the beach community of Corona del Mar, where trying to meet the highest standards of design proves to be no easy...

Episode 2

Addition Condition

Tarek and Christina find a house in Anaheim with strange additions that could cause problems later. Can they make the most of it without blowing the budget?

Episode 3

Back To The Basics

Tarek and Christina find the perfect flip in Norwalk, California, but to avoid budget issues they'll need to rely on their experience to sell this house quickly.

Episode 4

Flashback Flip

Tarek and Christina head to Walnut, California, to flip a house that needs work. Can they make their mark, or have they gone too far outside of their comfort zone?

Episode 5

Take It Or Leave It

Tarek and Christina take on a house in Costa Mesa with major foundation problems. The amount of work needed to fix the issues could crack their budget wide open.

Episode 6

Stairway To Nowhere

Tarek and Christina try out a new contractor on a high-end beachfront flip in Sunset Beach, CA. But they face permit issues, delays and a hidden staircase.

Episode 7

Takeover Flip

Tarek and Christina take over a project in Highland Park that the previous owner abandoned mid-flip. When they visit the house, it doesn't even have a roof!

Episode 8

Surf City Flip

Tarek and Christina head to Huntington Beach, California, to check out a large home in a nice neighbourhood. The home is dated but they have a modernisation plan.

Episode 9

Time Is Money

Tarek and Christina flip a small house with a large lot on a busy street in Yorba Linda, California. They decide to move fast - but will their bold decision...

Episode 10

Century Flip

Tarek and Christina take on a historic house in of Santa Ana, California. They face the challenges of modernising it while preserving the home's original charm.

Episode 11

Groovy Flip

Tarek and Christina are challenged by a home in Fullerton, California, with a unique style. They hit problems when they try to go with the flow of its design.

Episode 12

Red Hot Flip

Tarek and Christina flip a house in the red-hot market of Covina, California. They work quickly to get everything perfect in this fast-moving market.

Episode 13

Lucky Lakewood

Tarek and Christina return to Lakewood to flip a home on a very familiar street. They have always gotten lucky in this neighbourhood but is this one risk too many?

Episode 14

Suburban Flip

Tarek and Christina find a nice, suburban house they believe is perfect for flipping. They face some costly but necessary upgrades while modernising this small home.

Episode 15

Spanish Lessons

Tarek and Christina take on a huge project with an elaborate Spanish design that has proven to be difficult and costly in previous flips.

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