Episode 1

We Bought A Castle!

Chip and Jo survey the castle's damaged interior. They learn about its rich history as they get started on the ambitious restoration.

Episode 2

Floors, Doors And More

Jo develops her vision for the castle, and commissions custom artisan pieces. Chip learns what can be salvaged and restored, and what will be built new.

Episode 3

Story Of Color

Chip and Jo make huge progress on the castle as they finalise paint, stain and tile choices that give new life to the structure inside and out.

Episode 4

Old Is New Again

Chip and Jo deal with an unexpected setback, but work to keep momentum going with big restoration installs and a shopping trip for vintage decor.

Episode 5

Getting It Right

Chip and Jo feel the pressure of a deadline, but getting the details right means a last-minute change order, and Jo gets a surprise at the Silos.

Episode 6

A Royal Reveal

Chip and Jo have finished their biggest renovation to date. They reveal the final design and share what it took to blend a vintage sensibility with modern comfort.

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