About The Show

Joanna Gaines shares how her design decisions, details and decorating come together during a project. Plus, she reveals never-before-seen elements from builds.


Episode 1

The Baker House

Joanna and Chip create a dream home with light neutral colours, natural wooden elements and memorabilia for a widow. Plus, they add a charming bathroom.

Episode 2

The Lunar Lander

Joanna helps two world-travellers to infuse classic Parisian style into their dream home. The talented team turn their dated Tudor property to an eclectic house.

Episode 3

The Scrivano House

Chip, Joanna and the team bring traditional and modern touches together in a historic, Tudor-style home. They hope to restore its original 1920's charm.

Episode 4

The Ivy House

Joanna and Chip design a one-of-a-kind forever home for a family. The homeowners want to incorporate rustic and coastal-styles into their property.

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