About The Show

Jenny and Dave Marrs have purchased an incredible 1800s home near downtown Rogers. They want to turn this historic home into a gorgeous bed and breakfast.


Episode 1

In Over Their Heads

Dave and Jenny purchase a historic home with dreams of creating a one-of-a-kind bed and breakfast. But they encounter a bee infestation and construction issues.

Episode 2

Breaking Point

After a devastating construction setback, Dave and Jenny are faced with unexpected costs at their inn. The couple realise they'll have to make major compromises.

Episode 3

The Turning Point

Dave and Jenny make a critical decision that gets their dream project back on track. Plus, they get some help to create a memorable experience for guests.

Episode 4

The Finish Line

As Dave and Jenny push to complete the most difficult renovation of their careers, they unexpectedly uncover some hidden history in this special home.

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