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18th July


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Dave and Jenny embark on the ultimate adventure, renovating a centuries-old Italian villa for their friends who aim to create a Tuscan vacation rental.


Episode 5

Old Ways, New Problems

Just as Dave and Jenny learn to adopt traditional Italian building methods, progress halts when they discover construction shuts down in the summer.

Episode 6

Unveiling The Villa

As opening day nears, Dave and Jenny go the extra mile to take on special projects to complete their friend's centuries-old Italian villa.

Episode 1

Tuscan Wake Up Call

Dave and Jenny travel to Italy to take on their biggest project yet, helping friends who've poured their life savings into a Tuscan farmhouse rental.

Episode 2

Stone House Surprises

It's been two months since they last checked in and as new challenges unfold, Dave and Jenny worry the villa will not be ready for a July deadline.

Episode 3

On A Mission

After multiple setbacks, Dave and Jenny take a last-minute trip to get the renovation back on track in Italy. The expanding budget requires creative solutions.

Episode 4

Marrs Take Tuscany

With summer upon them, Dave and Jenny make the decision to take their five kids on a trip to Italy so they can make major progress at the villa.

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