About The Show

Real estate broker Page Turner brings her team, money, and tough love to help overwhelmed flippers get their wayward projects back on track.


Episode 1

Big Plans, Big Pivot

A couple taking on their first flip go overboard by gutting a quaint home and planning a large addition. When city permits stall the project, Page steps in.

Episode 2

Flippers Without A Floor Plan

Page helps two professional flippers after they gutted their million-dollar Craftsman. They must rethink the entire floorplan if they want an offer.

Episode 4

Smart Solutions In Santa Clarita

Two flippers took on a property in Santa Clarita, but they desperately need help with the funky layout and unusual backyard "bomb shelter".

Episode 5

Slow Pace In Pasadena

Page needs two novice flippers to put their feng shui style aside to bring a compound of houses back to its historic glory.

Episode 6

Two Bros With Tujunga Woes

Two brothers are on their third flip after losses with their last two projects. Page Turner gives them an invaluable lesson in spending money.

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