Episode 1

Salt Lake City Condo

Best friends Brittany and Annie have always wanted to take on their own fixer upper. Chip and Joanna help them tackle a condo renovation in Salt Lake City.

Episode 2

Church To Charmer

A couple works to transform a former day-care facility into their forever home. But they quickly they realise they may have taken on too much.

Episode 3

Taking On A Carolina Clunker

A thrifty woman and her crafty husband set out to transform a South Carolina church into the home of their dreams for their family.

Episode 4

Fixer Family Legacy

A mother and son team up for their first fixer-upper in Waco, Texas. While mum sees it as an investment in her son's future, he wants to honour his family.

Episode 5

Hitched And Ready To Fix

Newlyweds and first time renovators set out to prove to their families that they can transform a Southern California fixer-upper into their dream home.

Episode 6

Teen Takes On Family's Fixer

A mum puts her son's woodworking talents to the test by enlisting him to help her renovate their new mid-century family home in Washington state.

Episode 7

Keep Calm And Do It Yourself

A couple with minimal renovation experience races against a six month deadline to take on a historic home in Columbus, Georgia.

Episode 8

Second Times A Charm

Brittany and Annie flip a friend's rental in Park City, Utah. With some help from Chip and Jo, they take on a new set of challenges they've never faced before.

Episode 9

A Mother's Love

A successful Connecticut mom tackles her first fixer with the hope it will empower her daughter to feel like she can do anything she puts her mind to.

Episode 10

City Slickers To Farm Fixers

A couple took on a fixer-upper in Northern California to be closer to family. With little renovation experience, this total gut job may be too much.

Episode 11

Small Town, Big Reno

A Kentucky couple's dreams of flipping homes to help restore their town, leads them to their first big project - a pre-Civil War home that's falling apart.

Episode 12

Planting Roots In Baltimore

Hilton and Fiona want to turn their historic Baltimore fixer-upper into a home where they can put down family roots and more than 200 plant roots.

Episode 13

Texas-Sized Reno

Chip and Joanna step in to help a designer and her music composer husband renovate the entire interior of their 1920s Tudor home in Waco, Texas.

Episode 14

'Til Reno Do Us Part

With some advice from Chip and Jo, first-time buyers and newlyweds navigate a massive renovation on their 1930s home in Waco, Texas.

Episode 15

Better Off Shed

With a little help from Chip and Jo, a couple renovates their first home. They transform a historic property into a stunning home in Waco, Texas.

Episode 16

Third Time's A Charm

Best friends return for a third time to tackle their biggest project yet: flipping a ski chalet in Deer Valley, Utah. They race to finish the project on time.

Episode 17

Feels Like Home

Wisconsin couple and DIY enthusiasts Johnny and Scott transform their 1950s cottage in upstate New York into the home of their dreams.

Episode 18

A Home With History

A couple with newborn twin boys renovates their recently vacated New York basement into a functional living space that will entertain four generations of family.

Episode 19

Last Chance Reno

A woman enlists the help of her father to flip her first home in Kentucky. After a few financially difficult years, she's ready to start fresh with her family.

Episode 20

Doing Homework

A couple who are both full-time teachers overcome obstacles as they renovate their first home together on Long Island, New York.

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