About The Show

From crumbling railway stations to abandoned RAF bases, enthusiastic families across the UK are turning neglected relics into a unique place to live.


Episode 1

Tudor Treasure

Isadora and Ben tackle the restoration of a 500-year-old farmhouse in Devon. They battle decades of decay, missed deadlines and rising costs.

Episode 2

Welsh Luxury Barn

Ben is turning his back on city life to renovate a dilapidated 180-year-old barn in South Wales. But spiralling costs and an extending schedule take their toll.

Episode 3

The Million Pound Water Tower

Factory worker Rob takes on an enormous one-man mission to transform an abandoned concrete water tower into a million-pound luxury home.

Episode 4

Chapel Of Dreams

Chris and his dad, Mick, take on an abandoned Methodist chapel in Yorkshire, with Chris' interior designer wife, Marisa, on hand to add style to this conversion.

Episode 5

Acorn Barn

An abandoned rural barn catches the eye of recently retired couple Helen and Richard. They have a vision for a modern luxury home to enjoy into retirement.

Episode 6

Heavenly Haven

Young renovators want to transform a crumbling Methodist chapel into their very own heavenly haven. But their dreams begin to shatter when their money runs out.

Episode 7

Tamworth Barn

Hayley and Rich plan to transform a shell of a barn into a sustainable home. As if the build wasn't stressful enough, the couple set a seemingly impossible deadline.

Episode 8

Kiln Home

A couple want to turn a crumbling pottery kiln into an eco-home. Facing spiralling costs, missed deadlines and relentless weather, will they ever finish their project?

Episode 9

Luxury Water Tower

A couple want to turn a disused water tower into a luxury gravity-defying holiday home. But spiralling costs and arctic conditions threaten their ambition plans.

Episode 10

Scottish Lighthouse

Duncan and his fiancé June have grand plans to transform one of the most iconic landmarks on the Clyde, Cloch Lighthouse, into a state-of-the-art party home.

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