Episode 1

Ensuites Are My Pet Hate

Charlotte arrives at Rhydoldog with Jonny and the kids. She wants to turn the main house into a healing retreat for guests in just over a year's time.

Episode 2

Not Everyone Wants A Tree Indoors

Charlotte's interior designer mates come to visit. And, she wants to convert the dilapidated barn into a wedding venue but is shocked by the cost.

Episode 3

Tree Hugger

With spiralling renovation costs, Charlotte has a hard decision to make about the barns. And, can the architects get a full-sized tree inside the main house?

Episode 4

Some Special Voodoo Magic

Six months after buying Rhydoldog, and Charlotte's feeling under pressure. She turns her attention to the grounds, meeting a renowned garden designer.

Episode 5

Back To The Primordial Soup

With the project months behind schedule, Charlotte asks her dad for advice. She escapes the stress of the build by hunting for mushrooms and a gong bath.

Episode 6

The First Glass Vagina

With the renovation behind schedule, Charlotte fast tracks one bedroom and en-suite to test design ideas. She also creates an unusual stained-glass window.

Episode 7

I'm A Bit Mary Poppins

As the renovation's costs balloon, Charlotte worries about finishing on time. Meanwhile, her builders worry her outdoor patio design won't work.

Episode 8

Going For Ancient Jericho

A storm wreaks havoc when a tree falls. The renovation is months behind schedule, but Charlotte's quirky second floor bedroom and bathroom are complete.

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