Episode 1

Tennessee Greek Cottage

When turbulent weather turns his build site into a mud pit, a builder questions if his Greek cottage will ever become a reality in Tennessee.

Episode 2

Indiana Grain Bin

An Indiana farming family battles snow, wind and freezing temperatures to create a grain bin retreat on their working farm before the season begins.

Episode 3

Texas Hillside Retreat

A family is building a luxury glamping escape in the Texas Hill Country. But with the rain and challenging terrain they must work together to finish it.

Episode 4

Georgia Mountain Watchtower

A Georgia couple faces the challenges of building 30 feet off the ground as they tackle their watchtower guest house in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Episode 5

Idaho Underground Home

A family sets out to build an underground home in Idaho. Before they even pour concrete, they face a decision that will make or break their build.

Episode 6

Country River Cabin

After experiencing a devastating tornado, a family relies on the help of loved ones to build an off-grid retreat overlooking Tennessee's Ocoee River.

Episode 7

Missouri Modern Container

Despite having building experience, a couple faces new challenges while constructing a double container home at their donkey sanctuary in Missouri.

Episode 8

Colorado A-Frame Cabins

A couple plans to build a unique retreat with the help of donkeys. When their plans go haywire, they are left scrambling for solutions to finish the project.

Episode 9

Mountain Dome Home

A family plan to build a geodesic dome home in the North Georgia mountains but will an endless rainstorm sabotage their site before its finished?

Episode 10

Idaho Barndominium

An outdoor enthusiast works to build his dream retirement home in the Idaho mountains. But devastating news brings his project to a halt.

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