About The Show

Mark Bowe and his crew of West Virginia master craftsmen salvage antique barns and cabins, reusing the wood to create stunning, modern homes.


Episode 1

Teach And Train

One half of the team restores a log cabin at the West Virginia Boneyard. The other half teaches a group of young men how to build a cabin in Tennessee.

Episode 2

American Muscle

The crew create a timber barn for a private collection of American muscle cars in Texas. Plus, Mark takes the opportunity to explore the surrounding area.

Episode 3

Barnwood Bonanza

The team scores a major salvage from a barn near to one of America's oldest pine forests in Pennsylvania. Then, they visit a local mill that reclaims wood.

Episode 4

Bank Barn Brawl

Mark visits an old log lodge resort and scouts a timber frame built in 1895. Plus, the team head to Pennsylvania save a barn that sits dangerously close to a...

Episode 5

Wedding Chapel

A couple asks the crew to build a log chapel which will be used as wedding venue. Later, Mark tours an old Texas church and visits a 1795 log-built bed...

Episode 6

Dairy Barn Danger

In Pennsylvania, the team save one of the biggest barns they have ever seen. And, Mark explores an extraordinary early 19th century bank barn made of stone.

Episode 7

The Apprentices

In North Carolina, three young interns working alongside the Barnwood Builders save an extremely remote cabin in the hills.

Episode 8

Biggest Barn Ever

In Texas, the Barnwood Builders raise the largest timber frame they have ever built. Along the way, they battle hundred-degree temperatures.

Episode 9

Barnwood 4 H Camp

The crew visits the oldest 4H Camp in the country and teaches a team of teenagers how to build a log cabin. Mark and Sherman complete as archery coaches.

Episode 10

Two Businesses

Sherman and the crew start work on a log cabin kitchen near Alexandria. Then, Mark gets creative as he carves a 10,000-year-old mammoth tusk.

Episode 11

Sweet Home Louisiana

The team transform a timber frame barn into a home for an architect. They explore the history of the Bayou State and visit a cabin Mark repaired years before.

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