About The Show

Brian and Mika Kleinschmidt are a husband-and-wife team from Florida. They help clients build the perfect house from the ground up in 100 days or less.


Episode 1

Home SWEET Home

There's no longer enough room in a couple's 1970s ranch-style home. Mika and Brian whip up a dream home where the family has enough room for company.

Episode 2

Hot Rods And Dream Homes

Lifelong partners want a custom house to host their large family dinners. Mika and Brian are challenged to create a home they can enjoy for years to come.

Episode 3

Around The World In 100 Days

Mika and Brian look to create a dream home in Apollo Beach, Florida, for a pair of US service members currently in South Korea.

Episode 4

Cue Up A Dream Home

Mika and Brian are challenged to make a couple's dining room table, which converts into a billiards table, the entertainment centrepiece of the house.

Episode 5

Downsizing In The Country

Mika and Brian look to deliver a smaller and more manageable home for a family that's ready to trade the suburbs for country living.

Episode 6

Nine Labs Under One Roof

A couple and their nine dogs are in dire need of a home with plenty of room. For Mika and Brian, it's crucial to deliver this dog-friendly home fast.

Episode 7

Neutral Glam

A family looks to spread out in a new place with no maintenance issues. Mika and Brian are tasked to create custom features for each member of the family.

Episode 8

Cow Country Cottage

A family needs help building a country cottage on their new lot in the middle of cow country. Mika and Brian transform their mud paddy into a field of dreams.

Episode 9

Planting Roots In Plant City

A couple and their toddler are eager to plant roots at their woodsy lot. Mika and Brian must deliver a home that exceeds their expectations.

Episode 10

Right In Our Own Backyard

Mika and Brian create a family's dream home in the backyard of a childhood home. They aim to give them all the amenities without going over budget.

Episode 11

Turning A Page

Mika and Brian are called on to create a more compact and casual home for a woman starting a new chapter. Mika gets her old home ready to sell.

Episode 13

Checking In

Mika and Brian help Floridians turn a vintage beachside hotel into a dream destination, and they have just 100 days before tourist season begins.

Episode 14

Checking Out

With only 40 days left to finish the Sunburst Inn, the bulk of the work still awaits. Brian and Mika turn their attention to the exterior and lobby.

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