Gardening Jobs for June in the UK

By the start of June, the hive of activity of the first five months of the year should start to ease up a bit, but there are still plenty of gardening jobs to do in the UK in June to keep you busy. Your flowers should be in bloom and your vegetables should be on your plate. Read on to find out what June garden tasks you need to take care of.

9 April 2023

Long days and, hopefully, lots of sunshine signals the start of summer. While you won’t be as frantic as you were in previous months, there are still lots of gardening jobs for June for UK gardeners to do.

Following a busy month in the garden in May, this month, feeding, weeding, pest control and watering are June essentials, ensuring your garden stays tidy and colourful into autumn. While you’ll have plenty of time to sit back and admire the literal and metaphorical fruits of your labour, you’ve still got some June garden tasks to look after. Here are some of them!

General Garden Maintenance

Summer preparation (Photo: Yana Tatevosian / 500px via Getty Images)

It’s likely to be much drier in June than in previous months so it’s imperative you keep your plants well watered, especially anything you’ve planted in the last few months as their roots will still be growing into the soil. And don’t forget your hanging baskets, containers and window boxes.

Deadheading flowers and mowing the lawn are two of the gardening jobs to do in June so you’ll be able to make more compost and, as the grass dries, you can feed it with a liquid or granular fertiliser.

Keep pulling those pesky weeds! It’s good for your plants and weed-free paths, patios and beds are much nicer to look at.

Pest Control

Watch out for Lily beetles! (Photo: Alexander Ludwig / EyeEm via Getty Images)

Slugs and snails love being outdoors on a warm summer evening just as much as the rest of us. Lily beetles can be problematic and can eat your lilies. To get them off the leaves, put a sheet under the plants and shake the beetles off them. This is one of the less enjoyable June garden tasks but it’s important to do.

There are tiny yellow and black critters called asparagus beetles that can cause surface damage but if they’re left unchecked, they can damage the plants which will hinder future crops.

Plants & Flowers

Summer flowers (Photo: David C Tomlinson via Getty Images)

There are lots of things to do in the garden in June where plants and flowers are concerned. Deadheading your roses and other flowers shouldn’t take too long and it can extend the flowering season.

If you have tall perennials, make sure they’re well-supported as the summer months are when they’re at their heaviest. Prune the plants that have already flowered. You can also thin out our annual plants to avoid overcrowding.

Generally speaking where flowers are concerned, your jobs for the garden in June are all about care and maintenance, ensuring everything is in great shape as the summer rolls on.

Fruits & Vegetables

Fruit trees (Photo: Mint Images via Getty Images)

Keep sowing onions, salad leaves, and lettuces for a continual supply. You can now plant out your sweetcorn, courgettes and squash. Your beans and peas will start to flower so make sure they’re well watered. Another of the important June garden tasks.

Quite a lot of vegetables will be ready in June, including spring onions, turnips, carrots and beetroots. Potatoes are usually ready towards the end of the month. Once they’re harvested, clean the beds of old leaves and roots, fertilise the soil and then you’re ready for your next crop.

Hopefully your strawberry and raspberry plants will start to produce beautifully ripe fruit in June so make sure you eat them quickly before they over-ripen.

If you have fruit trees, one of the things you’ll notice is the small early fruits starting to drop. This is because the branches are too crowded, so one of the gardening jobs for June is to thin out your fruit to ensure a bumper crop.


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