DIY Bookmark Ideas

Reading at home, at school or on the bus, bench or beach is a wonderful way to escape and these homemade bookmark ideas add lots of fun to reading time. No more folding down the corner of a page or using a torn scrap of paper to keep your place, these ideas for making bookmarks are fun and easy to do, and they look great!

9 April 2023

If you’re seeking inspiration for reading time, we’ve got an array of creative DIY bookmark ideas for you to try at home!

These bookmark craft ideas make reading more fun, and it doesn’t matter whether you’re a creative connoisseur or an arty amateur, we’ve got some fun DIY bookmarks for you to make at home.

Eight Fab Handmade Bookmark Ideas

Creative accessories (Photo: soleg via iStock)

Just a quick work of caution before we start. Some of these ideas for making bookmarks use paint, glue, scissors and other bits and pieces from the toolbox so please take care and make sure an adult looks after these jobs. Here are eight of our best homemade bookmark ideas.

Cool Craft Sticks

Colourful sticks to create a bookmark (Photo: UroshPetrovic via Getty Images)

This is definitely one of the easiest bookmark craft ideas to make at home. Paint or colour some craft sticks – or indeed add any design you like – and then cut out a star from cardboard, cover it in glue and glitter and fix it to the top.

Who ‘Nose’ What Page You’re On?

Fun animal bookmark (Photo: Elena Abrosimova via Getty Images)

If you’ve got your nose in a book and you need to remember your page, these handmade bookmark ideas are great fun! Cut out a bookmark shape from crafting card as well as a long oblong ‘nose’. Colour or paint both and then stick the top of the ‘nose’ on the card so it acts as a flap. You can design the rest of the bookmark as a monster face or a clown or anything you like and you can even stick wobbly googly eyes on it. To keep your place, put the bookmark in the right page and have the ‘nose’ drape over the next page or the front of the book!

A Picture Perfect Bookmark

Photos for a bookmark (Photo: Gary Yeowell via Getty Images)

This is a really thoughtful gift to give to friends and family. Most of us have photos of our nearest and dearest on phones, cameras and in albums so make copies and print them out at photo machines, making sure the image for the bookmark is long rather than wide. Next, cut it out and mount it on cardboard, then make a hole in the top with a hole punch. Tie some twine or tasselled string to the top. These ideas for making bookmarks can last years and your friends and family will love them!

Amazingly Adorable Animals

Butterfly bookmark (Photo: d3sign via Getty Images)

Kids and adults alike love making these animal bookmarks. All you need are some lolly sticks – you can buy them on their own or just eat the lollies in the freezer! Draw animal heads on card, colour them in and cut them out and then colour in the animal’s markings on the lolly stick. Black and yellow for tigers, pink with curly tails for pigs, black and white stripes for zebras and green with scales for lizards. All you need to do is stick the head on the stick and you’re good to go!

Wonderful Wrapping & Wallpaper Bookmarks

Wallpaper bookmark (Photo: twohumans via Getty Images)

For these homemade bookmark ideas, you probably have all you need at home without going to get supplies. Cut out some bookmark-shaped crafting card and wrap them in offcuts of pretty wallpaper or wrapping paper. For an added touch, punch a hole in the top and tie it with ribbon.

Brilliant Button Bookmarks

Collection of brightly coloured buttons (Photo: Catherine MacBride via Getty Images)

These are fun to make and look great. All you need to do is glue a colourful, pretty or unusual button to a coloured paper clip and then cut a small piece of felt to glue over the join. That’s it! It’s one of the simplest bookmark craft ideas but also one of the most visual.

Creative Colourful Crochet

Crocheted Bookmarks (Photo: fcw5 via Getty Images)

Crochet isn’t easy but these handmade bookmark ideas really stand out from the crowd. You’ll need a pattern to follow but you can get these online or in craft shops. The beauty of these DIY bookmark ideas is that there’s no limit to what you can do. You can make these mini-scarves in the colours of your favourite Harry Potter house, your football team or really anything you want!

Beautiful Beaded Bookmarks

Beaded bookmarks (Photo: dashtik via Getty Images)

These ideas for making bookmarks are really elegant and add a touch of style to your reading experience. Thread some opaque and see-through plastic beads onto some coloured string or twine and attach little trinkets or charms to each end and make sure they’re tied at the ends so they don’t fall off.


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