7 Quick Tips For Organising Bedrooms

These seven bedroom organising tips are sure to help you rest easy - by Caren Baginski

21 March 2023

1. Get Your Jewellery In Order

If your necklace collection has outgrown your jewellery box, try a drawer insert or hanging organiser. The hanging organisers usually come with or snap onto a hanger and have plenty of clear pockets, so nothing gets tangled. Drawer inserts are a great way to display earrings, rings, bracelets and even watches, while keeping everything separated. Added bonus – having it in your bedroom closet encourages you to wear jewellery more often!

2. Opt For Storage Under The Bed

Get more mileage out of the horizontal space in your bedroom with sliding or rolling under bed storage bins. It’s a great extension of your closet, allowing you to rotate your seasonal items or even store bigger, bulkier items like backpacks, purses and blankets. Plus, the storage is hidden if you have a bedskirt. Stick a label on the outside of each container, so when you peak under the bed you’ll know exactly what you’re looking at. Short on linen closet space? Another idea is keep extra sheets for your bed here.

3. Tame The Shoe Pile

One of the quickest fixes to a bedroom closet overrun with shoes is to invest in a shoe rack. This will not only make them more accessible and easy to find but will make your bedroom appear much tidier and in order.

4. Create A Reading Nook

Rescue your reading chair from clothes and magazines by adding proper organisation to a bedroom’s reading nook. Next to a comfortable chair, place a side table to keep piles of books off the floor and magazines are best grouped in a magazine rack. To promote an uncluttered feeling, make sure you have fewer books than fit the space. If you read in bed invest in a small bookcase aqs your bedside table.

5. Make Your Bed Every Day

Remember when your mum used to force you to make your bed each morning? She was practicing the basic principle of staying organised. Treat your bed as the sanctuary it is by positioning it for use every day. If you spend three minutes each morning to tuck and fold, you’ll develop a habit of keeping order in the room, which may translate into motivation for picking up the pile of clothes on the floor.

6. Take Proper Care Of Speciality Garments

If your closet is a haven for vintage clothing or your wedding dress, take steps to make sure they’re cared for. Get everything professionally cleaned, then choose hanger or box storage. If hung, get a quality hanger and wrap the garment in muslin. If boxed, make sure the cardboard is acid-free and wrap each fold or crease in the clothing with acid-free tissue paper.

7. Toy-Proof A Child's Bedroom 

To tidy up toys, purchase some canvas clothes hampers, baskets or toy boxes. They look adorable and are great for concealing clutter. Use different sizes for toys, like a smaller one for books and art supplies and a larger one for balls or stuffed animals. involve your child in the organising process – you can even turn it into a game – so they will be more likely to tidy up in the future.

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